Computer System Administration 2014

Date Course content Lecturer Files
2014/9/18 ● Syllabus pmli Files had lost.
● Install FreeBSD 9.2 hmwang Install FreeBSD: ppt pdf
● Port Forwarding (VirtualBox and VMwarePlayer) shunyi Port Forwarding: pptx pdf
● How to Shrink a Partition on Your Hard Drive Shrink a Partition: pptx pdf
● Homework 1-1: Install FreeBSD Hw1-1: pptx pdf
2014/9/25 ● Installing Applications hmwang Installing Applications: ppt pdf
● Shells wutzh Shells: ppt pdf
● X Window System shunyi X Window System: pptx pdf
● Homework 1-2: X Window Hw1-2: pptx pdf
2014/10/2 ● User Management wutzh User Management: ppt pdf
● Chinese World ymli Chinese World: pdf
● screen & tmux & irssi screen & tmux & irssi: pdf
● Homework 1-3: Chinese World shunyi Hw1-3: pptx pdf
2014/10/9 ● RC Scripts wutzh RC Scripts: ppt pdf
● File Transfer Protocol hlku FTP: pptx pdf
● GUID Partition Table chihhsin GPT: ppt pdf
● Zettabyte File System hlku ZFS: pptx pdf
2014/10/16 ● Booting Up and Shutting Down wutzh Boot ShutDown: ppt pdf
● Samba shhu Samba: ppt pdf
● Homework 2: FTP, Samba, ZFS and RC chihhsin Hw2: pptx pdf
2014/10/23 ● The File System wutzh FS: ppt pdf
● Controlling Process Part I Controlling Process: ppt pdf
● Homework 3: Shell Script ymli Hw3: pdf
2014/10/30 ● Shell Script Programming Shell Script Programming: pdf
● Homework 3: Shell Script Recall Hw3: pdf
2014/11/6 ● Controlling Process Part II wutzh Controlling Process: ppt pdf
● Periodic Processes Periodic Processes: ppt pdf
● Syslog and Log Rotate Syslog and Log Rotate: ppt pdf
● TCP/IP Protocol Part I hmwang TCP/IP: ppt pdf
2014/11/13 Midterm
2014/11/20 ● TCP/IP Protocol Part II hmwang TCP/IP: ppt pdf
● Version Control Systems Part I ymli VCS: pdf
2014/11/27 ● Version Control Systems Part II
● Web hmwang Web: ppt pdf
● FreeBSD/Apache/MySQL/PHP FAMP: ppt pdf
● Homework 4: Web Server/Services/Git hlku Hw4: ppt pdf
2014/12/4 ● Public-key Infrastructure hmwang PKI: ppt pdf
● The Network File System wutzh NFS: ppt pdf
● Automount Automount: ppt pdf
● Sharing System Files Part I NIS: ppt pdf
2014/12/11 ● Sharing System Files Part II
● Driver and Kernel chihhsin Driver and Kernel: ppt pdf
● Homework 5: NFS + NIS TAs Hw5: ppt pdf
Hw5 Demo Flow: pdf
2014/12/18 ● Security pmli Security: ppt pdf
● Performance Analysis Performance: ppt pdf
Help! My system is slow! : pdf
2014/12/25 ● Disks Disks: ppt pdf
● Lightweight Directory Access Protocol shhu LDAP: ppt pdf
● Homework 6: LDAP + Samba + PC Login Hw6: ppt pdf
2015/1/1 New Year's Day
2015/1/8 ● Backups wutzh Backups: ppt pdf
● pkg_ng pkg: ppt pdf
2016/1/15 Final Exam

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